A Treasure Among Us

An Open Letter By: Amefika Geuka

To:              OMCBV&C Registrants


From:                   ‘Baba’ Amefika Geuka


National Co-Convener


One Million Conscious Black Voters & Contributors


Subject:       “A TREASURE AMONG US”


Date:           June 4, 2015



Greetings All:


 All of us have heard references made to the undisputed fact that our Ancestral Motherland Africa (aka ‘Alkebulan’), is imbued with more of the Earth’s most precious and valued natural resources than any other continent. These include while not being limited to: gold, diamonds, silver, crude oil, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, uranium, bauxite, platinum, zirconium, zinc, and graphite to name but a few. We also know that for nearly 250 years (1619 to 1865), Africa’s human population was it’s most profitable commodity, having fueled the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave trade which is said to have forcibly removed upwards of 100 million natives from that beleaguered continent!

European profiteers used the claim that Africans knew nothing of the uses to which most natural resources could be put, and had no knowledge of how, or inclination to exploit them for the use of humankind, as a basis for forcibly taking control and ownership of the natives’ land and everything on and beneath it! The relatively rapid rise of Europe to the pinnacle of world economic and military dominance was a direct result of its monopoly over access to and use of those resources — including human beings who comprised their work force. This latter point — that Africans did not recognize or appreciate the inherent worth and value of their Creator-given natural resources, is the basis for what I am about to put forth in this brief, but important paper.




You will recall the New Testament story where the iconic Jesus the Christ is said to have admonished his disciples not to take his teaching to the Gentiles, because it would be like “casting pearls before swine.” His meaning was clear: Hogs would not recognize pearls as having any use or value to them, so they would merely trample them into the ground. Europeans presumed that the Creator had in effect cast pearls ( in the form of bountiful natural resources) before swine (in the persons of African natives), because the natives were indifferent to the inherent value of such resources.




We of African descent here in America in the year 2015 A.C.E. have been blessed by our Creator and Ancestors — with A Treasure Among Us; that ‘Treasure’ is none other than our friend and Brother, James ‘Jim” Clingman!  Jim is a resource naturally given to the African Race. Most of us here have roots in the Black Church, whether we went voluntarily, or our Mamas gave us no choice in the matter. You will recall the words of one of those songs the “Saints” used to sing: “Let the work that I’ve done, speak for me!” I submit to you that there is no one, anywhere, or at any time, to whom those hallowed words apply more than to my esteemed colleague, Jim Clingman! But don’t take my word for it, after all, I don’t even pretend to be objective where Jim is concerned, so don’t trust my biased judgment; go to “” and see for yourself, the breadth, depth, and expanse of writings, speeches, and services this Brother has rendered to people of African descent here in America throughout his adult life!! Then you tell me, if we are blessed with a natural resource — a “Treasure Among Us.”


In releasing his most recent book titled: “Black Dollars Matter!” and sub-titled “Teach Your Dollars How to Make More Sense,”  Jim let on for the first time publicly, that he has been “…weakened by ALS” — commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease.” For those of you who are unaware, there is no known cure for that health challenge, and being told that diagnosis would send most people into a tailspin of self-pity and fear of what is now supposed to be ‘the inevitable;’ but not my friend Jim Clingman! No, this very special Brother immediately ‘revved-up’ his spiritual, mental, and intellectual engines, and dug-in to do even more work  for the uplift and advancement of his people!!


Facing what is supposed to be certain death, The Brother wrote still another book!!!  Most of us humans will die with ‘our book’ still inside of us — never to uplift or enlighten anyone with it, but Jim Clingman goes back to the drawing board and does one of the things he does best — one more time!  Even so, Jim has not limited himself to writing the book; virtually every day he can be heard on one or another ‘Black Talk’ radio program expounding on the principles presented in his written and spoken works, the urgent necessity for people of African descent in America to achieve economic empowerment.




I am hereby taking it upon myself to do for my friend what he will not do for himself; appeal to those of you who know and/or know of Jim and his unapologetic love for our people, and the work that he has done and continues to do on our behalf, to take it upon ourselves to not allow Jim’s wife and daughter to add economic deprivation to what would already be a tragic loss of their husband and father should he make a premature transition to ‘Ancestorhood’ in the foreseeable future. Now I don’t personally believe that Jim is going anywhere soon, other than wherever there is work to be done for black folks. However, we live in America, and a cornerstone of living in this country is preparation for whatever life and living may bring, and in that respect, his people — if we truly value him as we claim we do — should insure that his family will not be lacking for any material thing that money can buy. WE CAN — and SHOULD — provide the ‘insurance policy’ I’m alluding to, by purchasing Jim’s latest book, and encouraging everyone we know to follow our lead and do likewise. If every one of ‘The Million’ we are seeking to join us in service to our Race were to purchase Jim’s book, that would go a long way toward insuring that Jim will have left his wife and daughter more than just memories of times and precious moments they have shared.




Jim Clingman is a “precious jewel” of a human being, one such as could only have been graced to us by our Creator-Spirit at the urging of our Ancestors. Let’s treat him like the “treasure” he is, and not as the “swine’ in the Biblical scripture referenced above would, swine that could not recognize the value of a pearl, and thus would ‘trample it into the dust.’ Jim Clingman is to be treasured, and we of the OMCBV&C are not swine; we know value when we come into contact with it, and how to treat it thereafter. Let’s prove this by doing right by Jim and his family, and let’s do it by “giving him his flowers while he is still upright among us and can smell them.” The ‘flowers I speak of are in the form of book sales!  I bought my first one as soon as the book hit the market, and will surely buy more in the coming months — especially when Kwanzaa season arrives; have YOU bought your first book yet?




If all 700+ of those who have registered on our OMCBV&C web site to date would buy Jim’s book, that would be evidence that we are ‘ASAR-quality’ people, worthy of being among “The Million.” It would also set the example for those who will follow you into our growing ranks. As Dr. Johnnie Coleman would say: “This will work, if we work it!”




Let’s DO this y’all!




Amefika D. Geuka


National Co-Convener

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Let’s DO this y’all!


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